The Power Summary By Rhonda Byrne


Do you want me to tell you a secret?  A secret that will change your life forever. Permit me to identify you with a book that will teach you many secrets of life and how to use the power of love to achieve whatever you want to do.

The Power| Book Summary By Rhonda Byrne

In this book, you will learn about a law that is more powerful than the law of gravity. These powers are such forces that are the reason for all the creations of life.  This is the power of love.

To help you fully use the power of love, this book will teach you how your feelings can bend the Law of Attraction according to you.  

Once you know the theory, you will learn practical steps which will help you to make and achieve any goal.

When you learn how to use power, you can draw love, money and whatever you want in your life.

The last chapter of this book will tell you about the power of frequency and how you can adjust all your positive things in your life by adjusting your frequency.

In this summit, you will learn that everything is possible in life, you can achieve everything.

What Is Power?

In life, there are both positive and negative sides. If a person lives a life full of positive energy, he will be happy and successful.

But, if another person decides to surround himself with negative things, then his life will not be happy, he will remain unhappy, and will not be happy at all.

There is a secret power that the first person surrounded himself with positive things.  This is the power of love.

Just as you cannot deny the power of gravity, you should never ignore the power of love.

You are also due to love, why do you love the work you do and why are your dreams big?

Think of all the inventions that humans have made.  All these inventions have taken place due to human hobby and skill.

If you don't love anything in your life, then you don't wake up every morning and go to work or you don't do the work you do every day.

If love is the way through which you can get what you want in your life, then why don't you already have everything?  The answer is simple, my friend. 

This is because you have not used the power of love every day and every second of life.

When you always use the power of love, everything comes to you. 'Law of Attraction means 'Law of Attraction says that whatever you give, you get the same back from your life.

If you spread love in the world, then you will get a lot of love and power from your health, your work and your personal life.

There was a woman, There was a woman, we call her Sarah. Her life was full of difficulties. 

She had been married for twenty years and had a very bad relationship with her husband.

After a difficult life of twenty years, her husband had abandoned her and did not even pay for the care of the children.

Sara had no money and despite being completely broke, never felt any anger or bad against anyone in the world.  

Se always tried to keep his thoughts and feelings positive, even though her own life was going through a very bad phase.

Although her husband was a very bad person, Sara never said anything bad about him.  She always talked about him with positive intentions. 

She used to tell everyone that she is dreaming of marrying a perfect man and roaming the streets of Europe...

Sara did not have the money to travel to Europe, but she somehow took a passport and started collecting small things to go there.

Because she was spreading the energy of love and wanted to get everything she was looking for in her life using the Law of Attraction, Sara met a good person whom she soon married.  Do you know more?

Her new husband is from Spain, due to which Sara got a chance to go to Europe and also a chance to stay in Europe.  She is now living in a house in Spain in front of the sea.  Isn't this his dream come true?

If you use the power of love, then you too can achieve anything in your life.  

Instead of worrying about everything, try to love every moment in your life and send a positive vibe or energy around you. 

You will get so much positiveness from it, which you have never seen in your dreams.  This is the power of love.

The Power Of Feelings

Feeling or feeling is one such thing that we are always doing non-stop. When you sleep, you can stop thinking, but still do not leave feeling cold, warm, happy or upset.

You can have both good and bad feelings. If you have a lot of love in your life, then you will have more good experiences.  

But, if you are not using the power of love in your life, then only bad feelings will be filled in you.

They make your life the way you feel.  When you try to have more good experiences, you have more positive thinking. 

And, you can get more positive results because the Law of Attraction is always doing its job.

Imagine that you are working in a company and every day you have the same thinking "I don't like my boss".  

Whatever he does, this thinking tells you to always feel negative about your boss.  This will spoil your relationship with him, even if he tries to be good with you.

But, if you wake up and start your day with the thought "My colleagues are the best in my company," then everything will change.

You will go to work every day by being excited and more productive.  Your relationship with everyone in your own company will also improve.

What do you think are the best cinereous?  First or second?

Of course, the second cinereous is the best.  Just because you go to work with positive thinking and a positive feeling, your work experience completely changes. 

Your place of work is the same, but being positive changes everything.

You do not just have to feel good about your life, but also feel good and positive.  If you are not able to bring positive experiences with truth in yourself, then you cannot use the power of love and the law of attraction.

Therefore, from today onwards, start the practice of bringing more positive experiences in your life, and remember that by doing this, you are attracting the Law of Attraction to bring happiness, good health and more money.

Power And Creation

In the last chapter, you learned that love and feelings are very important for the life you want. 

In this chapter, you will know the steps that will help you to get all that you want in the matter of your business, personal life or health.

The first step is to imagine.  You need to sit down, focus all your attention, then imagine, try to do what you want.

The second step is to feel it. Try to use the power of love in your imaginations.  Whomever you love, work you love, and you love things, you need to keep them all in your feelings.

The last step is to achieve.  You imagine what you want and who you love, the law of nature, that is, the law of nature will start to spread its magic so that you get it all.

Let's take an exam for another woman whom we name Amy.  Amy graduated from college, and she was trying for a job.  She was looking for a job for months but could not find any jobs.

The most difficult thing that he did during his struggle was to imagine a job while he never had a job.

Every day she used to write in her diary that she is happy and thankful for any job she can get in the future.  He thought that this would change his life, but nothing like this happened.

Then one day, Amy realized something that changed everything.  She realized that if she is trying so much for jobs, she is telling the world and insisting that she is unemployed.

So, the Law of Attraction will only give them more unemployment.  Amy decided to change her thinking and feelings.  Therefore, he started living his life as if he already had a job.

Amy sets her alarm to wake up early in the morning every day, as do people with jobs.  

Instead of writing in her diary that she is grateful for her future job, she wrote how happy she was in her job and she is also very grateful for her good activities.

Amy also planned her dress for her new job and opened bank accounts to save her salary.

Within two weeks Amy received a call from a friend in which she expressed her desire to work with Amy. She went to her job interview, gave her the best interview and got the job too.

Now, instead of the job of her thoughts, she was getting a chance to live with the job she used to write in her diary.

To properly use the Power of Creation, you need to do like Amy. Use whatever is in your life to support your imagination.

It can contain any item such as pictures and routines, whatever you have.

Always remember to imagine your goal, feel it, use props to support your imagination and see the effect of the magic of the world.

Power Key

Now that you know how much power there is in love, now is the time to learn about this power key, which will help you to gain more love and you can get whatever you want.

To unlock the power inside you, you need to know its key and adopt it.  Do not worry.  They are very simple, even a child can adopt them.

Love is the first key to power.  To use this love key, you need to love life, so much love as you have never done before.

Every day, try to find whoever you love, look at it, listen to it and always talk about it. When you do this, you will see many never-ending possibilities and you can achieve more than you want.

The second key is to be grateful.  When you feel grateful for someone, you send positive vibes to the world. In return, the Law of Attraction will bring you even more for which you are grateful.

The third key to power is sports.  Remember when you were a kid who used to play and used to believe that everything is possible?  You need a similar positive feeling in your life.

If you want something, use your imagination and try to make a game, and use props every day and play through these games.

Let's know about Lance Armstrong's inspirational story.


Lance had always dreamed of becoming the best cyclist in the world.  He wanted to be popular and win the Tour de France

He started training, and everything was going well when suddenly one day a bad incident happened to him. 

Lance was surrounded by a deadly disease, and the doctors told him only a 40% chance of living.

While he was undergoing treatment at the hospital, Lance always imagined winning the "Tour de France". 

He treated the medical team taking care of him as if he is a part of their training team and as if they are all there to win them.

Lance being alive every day was a win for him in this game.  When the medical staff examined them and saw that they were fine, Lance would imagine that this was feedback to win a checkpoint in the race.

Lance was in the race to stay alive, but he never saw it from a negative point.

Instead, he made it a game that kept him better from day to day by picking him up from his illness.

After he recovered, Lance participated in the race and won the Tour de France race, and continued to win the race for the next seven years.

Lance set a record by becoming the first cyclist to win the Tour de France race seven times.  He was facing difficult situations, but instead of focusing on negative things, he made a game and made history by using the power of love.

you can also do this.  Whatever your circumstances are, you can change it into a game, use the key of love, or use the key to be grateful to change your life.  It is up to you, you know that everything is possible.

Power And Money

Do you want to be rich?  Of course, you would like to.

Do you know that there is only one difference between a rich man and an average man, that is love?  Rich people know how to love and appreciate money.  That is why they get more money every day and they never lose any money.

People do not become rich because they feel bad about money. 

Those people think that wanting or loving money is materialistic or greedy.  The strange thing is that we and you work hard throughout the day to get more money. Are these two things not different?

To make more money, you need to change your way of thinking about money.  Making money does not make you bad, but it is a sign of being a human being. Use love to attract more money in your life.

Imagine that you are rich and help all those people you want to help.  Thinking and feeling like this every day will help you to change your feelings about money. Money is a tool of love, and to get the money you need love.

Once, there was an unemployed man.  We give them the name of Jack.

Jack applied for his dream job.  After this, he imagined that he has got that job.  He wrote himself a letter on behalf of the company, which included details of his dream salary and his dream job.

Jack made a fake company card with his name and company logo which he used to see every day. 

He was happy and thankful that he had got this chance.  He even sent fake congratulation emails to himself to get the job.

After passing the phone interview, Jack now gives a face to face interviews, which competes with ten people.  After two hours, he received a call, in which he received the good news.  He got the job.

Jack now works for his dream job and is taking the same salary as he wanted.

Because he was positive and tried to attract money by using love and favour, he got the award for Best Job and Best Salary than he had ever imagined.

If you have a business, you can use the power key, which we have discussed in the previous chapter how to use good feelings and draw more positive results towards you.

When you are happy and feel good, you will do very well in your job.  When you do this, you make more money than you can think.

Remember that if you are an employee, then you need to give the same value as your salary.  If you give less value than your profit, then your business will never be successful.

Do not think too much about money.  Imagine the work you love and the one you want to achieve with love.  This Law of Attraction will make you rich in no time.

Power And You

Do you know if you have a frequency?  Everyone has frequencies in this world.  Your frequency decides your fate.

If you feel good, then you have a positive frequency that draws everything from your equal frequency to you.

Suppose you are always happy. Every day, you will face happy people, happy situations and happy events. 

If you always feel stressed then you will pull more stress towards you throughout your day.

It is very important to start your day with positive vibes.  It can make or break you.  Remember that everything has a frequency.

Because your frequency of the day is going to decide why and who you are going to meet today, do you not like to start your day with a happy and positive vibe?

You can draw whatever you want by using the power of love.  If you want more money, good health and happiness, just start your day feeling grateful and positive about money, health and happiness.

Ronda Bern, the author of this book, wakes up every morning and feels happy and grateful.  She always spends 15 minutes sending love and positive frequencies to the world.

She starts her day by doing everything perfectly.  She doesn't do anything serious until she feels good about her day.

Then, Ronda starts getting ready.  Earlier, choosing the right dress was a headache for him.  She tries to keep pace with different dresses and checks if this combination will work.

After trying a few options and failing to choose the right dress for the day, she would feel nervous from the beginning of the day and send negative vibes for the rest of her day.

Ronda changed all this.  She started imagining and realized that every day she was wearing the right dress to go to her job.  Now, she does not spend a lot of energy choosing her dress because she is happy with her choice and thankful for it.

Passing through the road, Ronda tries to send love frequencies to whoever she sees.  She knows that lack of love is the biggest reason for many problems of the people, and by sending love to them, they will feel a little better in their entire day.

Every day, Ronda asks about a hundred questions, like what are the best dresses to wear today?  What can I do to help someone so much?  What is the best restaurant to eat at?

What is the best road to reach the destination?  Whatever questions she asks, she asks with love, and she gets such answers, which gives her more love and happiness in life.

These are the powers that are inside everyone.  You can change your life completely by choosing the way you feel and think.

Things of equal frequency pull each other towards themselves, there is no matter of coherence or co-improvement in life.  

When you know daily what frequency you are sending, then you can control your life and make the life you want for yourself.  You have to instil confidence in yourself that you are entitled to get everything good.

Therefore, trust the power inside you, just find love and see love in the world around you.  Prepare for yourself a world of dreams, and watch the love in your world grow fourfold day and night.


Every one of us struggles with something. We see that people live happy and luxurious lives, and we wonder why can't we all be the same?

This book has taught you why people are successful and earn a lot of money while some people live a simple life.  Its secret lies in the power of our feelings.

By this summary, you have come to know that behind every creation of life, every creation, there is the power of love.  To use this power, you should come to control your feelings so that you can use it in your work.

You learned that when you have positive feelings, you draw positive results towards you and, when you give love to the world, you get more love and happiness in return.

You also learned those three steps, which you can apply every day and can make and score any goal.  By using the key to strength, you can get love, money, and good health.

Just send positive vibes to the world and you will get more than you can imagine.

With the power of love, there will be no end to your success

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