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Grant Cardon's

Has it ever happened to you in your life that you were dying to get the Center of Attention?  It may have happened in high school time or college or some sports playing time or in the business world.  

Did you think that whichever person you see at that time, you just get crazy?

The answer will probably be that many of you have experienced this thing at some time in your life, but the real question is: did you become a star attraction?

Will you be able to win millions of hearts or will you win the hearts of any one of them?  If not, then it does not matter because I tell you that it is not too late.

But if you have a response, then I can say with a claim that you could have done better than this. 

I remember in my childhood that I was determined to grow up to be the best of all my friends when I go to college.  I swore that the next time there was a reunion, I would do the best in games.

Of course, this was my heartfelt wish, yet I could not achieve even half of what I thought.  The truth is that the next time the reunion took place, I was so ashamed of myself and my achievements, what to say.

I kept asking myself where I was missing but I had no answer until I got this book by Grant Cardon named: "10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure".

This Book aims to help you and by reading this I achieve the batter which is our biggest fear for all of us. This book instills in us a habit of ten times more display, focus, and hard work, and takes us further from the position of an average person.

Stay with me till the end, I will keep telling you more about the book so that you can get a journal and an adept idea about what it is.

Our Society and its Script: Defiling the Odds

The things that we first learn in this world, this society has already predated.  When you come to this world from the mother's stomach, your mind is like a tabula rasa.

Whatever is your knowledge today is the result of this society and association.  

Now, such as male domination and female submission means that men hold sway and keep women under control, these things were first disseminated by our society.

We are just following him further. There was a time in my life when I used to think that I am ahead of every woman in this world except my mother.

I used to fight with my elder sister every day because I felt that she was holding me down. Why?  Where did I learn all this?  Of course, this society must have taught me this!

The second myth that we got to learn from society is that there is nothing wrong in remaining mediocre and we also follow it by following it alone.

According to Kardon, this is the biggest lie that society has taught us. If society likes to be your mediocre, then it is good for it and not for you. You have to break this jinx to be successful.

I have been watching my dad doing bean cheese every day since childhood.  He continued to do the same job for years, the same status and he was equally happy.

Although he sent me and my siblings to school, he never progressed beyond his status.  It seemed that this is written in his destiny because he had become comfortable in it.

It was enough for them that their children should progress in life. But this is wrong thinking!  If I had a little understanding at that time, I might have explained it to my dad. The meaning of the average word is ordinary.  Trust me, this is not what you need.

Now, if you assume that all the people in your school, office, or other places want to be the best, then you have to try that you are at the forefront.

 You should have a desire to be the best in your community, district, or even your country.  To achieve your best, you must be higher than your average.

Imagine where you will reach the competition of those people who place themselves in the limits of school, workplace, or anywhere - by defeating those people in their desire, they will be automatically best everywhere, so understand this better.  Let's have a look at success.

What Is Success?

According to Grant, to understand success better, you have to first understand these three things:

1. You Are Incomplete Without Success

 This is simple and clear! Until you get success, you will always feel incomplete.  I am sure you must have heard many such elders regressing that "I had to do this thing when it was time but could not do it".  

Such people always rub their hands because they do not have that filling feeling in life.

And if you have not found any such person till now, take the story of my dad who is his perfect example. To date, my dad keeps crying about how I wasted all my youth like this.  This is the feeling of unfulfilling - a life full of regrets

 2. You Must Be Successful

I also found some people who feel that their parents have taken the contract for their success.  A few days ago, in a rich man, the son told his friends that his father is working hard to make him successful.  

Now, this is not a good thing.  Your success is in your hands and all you have to do to achieve it is to do it.

3. Success Is Not Such A Difficult Thing

It is very popular thinking that success is hard to come by and it is very difficult to get it.  The truth is that it is not so.

Due to this Rong Mindset, many people stayed away from achieving their best.  This Rong Mindset made many people such a handy handicap that to get success, they took the opposite route straight away.

There is a saying that "the sky is so big that every bird can fly with great ease without touching each other" This is true to a large extent because you too can get the success of your share without doing anything bad to anyone else.

I have heard many stories where people make such people who are not previlleized like them to get success.

A friend of mine told me that somewhere in Africa, some young people do tantra-mantra by using the logo to become rich and successful.  No, don't even think so!  There has been no success to date.

And secondly, success should be a necessity rather than an alternative for you.  It should not be a choice for you, rather it should be your choice.

The baseline is to never place yourself in the limit. Just keep thinking about what you can achieve and what your achievement will mean in the eyes of the world.

Extraordinary success is not so easy.  For this, you have to do the same extra hard work and extra effort. Like I said earlier, just thinking to become the best in the country will not work.

For this, you have to apply some more effort than the rest - now it is a little hard work.  Many people want that they become successful but they do not reach anywhere without implementation and actualization.

No matter how many times this happened to me during high school, I used to take resolution in every term that this time I will show first-class in class, but I just kept thinking.

I have never done that much effort and so I have never been the best in class.  To reach the top, you have to try a lot more than others.  This is the 10X rule!

However, let me tell you that 10 times more strivings than the ones with you will mean that you have to take on a lot of challenges.

Suppose you were told that you have to race 100 meters in the Olympics for your country, which has also been your dream, then you will work twice as much to win this race.

Won't you do?  Now 10X rule says that you have to do ten double big efforts then you will get first place.

If the plan for this is that you have to practice for one hour every day, then according to the 10X rule, you will have to practice for ten hours.  

Now this is not a matter of work, right?  In this all there will be some challenges like dizziness or any fracture etc.

You have to expose all these challenges if you want to become the best in the Olympics. Truth be told, without these challenges, it will be difficult to get success because these challenges make us more tough and strong.

Define Your Objectives by Mind Condition

To achieve your dream, first of all, clear which side you have stayed on.  Because if you are blindfolded, you cannot win a race!  You cannot be the best without a clear vision.

Apart from this, if you want to become a horse of a long race, then setting a simple goal will not work.  Imagine you want to be the best on the trek and you are doing just one hour of practice every day.

So how will you become the best?  If there is success in the water, you have to leave an easy path.  The truth is that there is no easy way to succeed.  This is just a trick.  Whatever the path to the Extraordinary, it is challenging, demanding, and tying.

If you need an easy way then this place is not for you.  Here we work more than what is required or even more to achieve success.  Its basic principle is that if you want to achieve your goal, then multiply it by ten.

Your objective should be ten times bigger, then you should give it an achievable chance.  Let me tell you that achieving success means achieving something impossible and it is your sole responsibility. 

You have taken responsibility that no matter what happens, you will only achieve that which is in your mind.

Many of us choose the wrong method while defining our objective.  I remember I knew a young and aspiring entrepreneur who wanted to create a product that would bring a big change in the world. I can't remember what the product was, but he always kept talking about it.

Yes, his idea was good of course but his approach was rong.  When he made that product in the last, it was used only in his own house and in the house of some of his friends, the rest of the people did not even know about it.

So where was the mistake?  The mistake was that he did not make it to the marketing stage.  He made the product good but he did not know for whom it was made. People make some common mistakes while defining their objective which is given below:

 1. Setting Rong Target

If you set easy goals, then obviously your target will be wrong.  You have to select daring and challenging goals. Here Rong target should not be the Rong focus but it is an average target.  

Now if you just want to come first in your class then it will be a wrong target.

This is not a Rong target because it is Rong to be the best in class, but because it is a very average target that anyone can achieve.  When your target is wrong then your objective will also be wrong.

2. Not taking care of the complexity

Your objective will still go awry if you don't try to figure out how complex your goal is.  If you walk through 10X rules, then complexities have to come automatically.

You should make a plan, with large details, which will take care of any kind of complexity.  One of the reasons that I was never the best in high school was that I never took care of compulsiveness.

I just kept dreaming but I never made a detailed plan.  Simply put, my dream never came true.  Do not underestimate any step, energy, or resources that help you to complete your goal.

3. Paying Too Much Attention To The Competition.


"As far as competition is concerned, they are not standard" Nowadays, look at what it says "Do something your competitors are not doing".

 Such a statement makes people think big Limited and often they can reach the level of their competitors or even less.

It does not charge a pre-on.  If you are getting into the market for something, then your Aim should not just beat your competitors.

Your Aim should be that you can Dominate that thing and become a standard for everyone.  A friend of mine started a business some time ago.  He also discussed his plan with me.

But his aim was only to leave the people competing with him behind.  He had nothing to do with how his business would affect people or who would be his target audience. 

Now why his business could not run for a long time, you can understand this.  Your focus should be on building something extraordinary and not on your competitors.

4.  No backup plan

This 10X rule always comes with Challenges.  If at any time, your plan fails, then be ready for it beforehand.  For example, keep a backup plan that can be useful in any misgiving

Expect the best but at the same time be ready for any failure.  That friend of mine who wanted to outshine his competitors could come back to business again if he had a clever backup plan.

5. Understanding what is Massive Action

By now you must have understood why so much emphasis is being placed on daring balls, but this does not end there.  The truth is that even though there are daring balls, it is possible that you cannot achieve anything if you do not conserve the level of activity and level of operation.

By this, I mean that you should know the actions that will be taken to achieve the goals.  As such, you cannot become the best mathematician in the world until you know what to do about it.

I remember my story from my high school days.  When I wanted to top the whole class.  Remember I told you that I could never achieve this goal because I did not take any major action for it.

Now the goal is to be the best student here, but you have not become the best student yet, only you have set the goal.  For this, which level of action is required, it is important to understand this first.  I think you must be getting my point.

Our 10X rule demands a very high-level operation so that we can achieve our goals, our dreams. If you have ever dreamed a dream, you need a lively action to fulfill it.  According to Grant, there are 4 levels of action which are given below:

1.  Doing Nothing Level

You must have understood by its name, Doing Nothing means nothing.  This is a very cool level in itself because the man does not do anything by himself but does what life offers.

At this level, people rarely live in concert for success, they are happy only with what they get.  The main characteristic of such people is that they do not work at all, which allows them to walk as they are going.

Like, give you an example. A man was born in a poor household. He remained poor till his death because he did not make any effort to change his situation, did not take any pen.  If seen, these types of people fall into the Do Nothing level.

2. Hydrating Level

People at the riding level are afraid of success.  When the time comes to increase the right step towards success, these people retreat.  

This happened once to my younger brother.  At home, my brother used to play football amazingly, but in school, he never used to participate in sports.

Because he was afraid of losing or losing.  He used to cry just like a child, he used to get very angry. This was the reason that he could not show his potential to anyone how great a player he was.

If he could have shown his talent to everyone, then what would have been known about his selection in a scout and he would be playing at the international level today.  

While walking on the road to success, one thing will be confirmed and that is criticism!  People at the height level want to avoid this criticism.

Have you ever faced such a situation that you have given your best to get something and people have done the most criticisam on it?  Yes, this is the success because it is the most criticism found in it and that is why people get the most nervous at this level.

3. Normal Level

 This is the expected level for everyone.  This is the level where this society wants to see us.  At this level, you are doing what the rest of the people do.

If I am training for two hours, then it means that everyone will be training for two hours only.  As long as you keep going according to the society in this level, no gel can come in you to become extraordinary.

And if you want success, then this level is not for you definitively.  My dad comes into this category of people. 

You will remember that I had told you his story about how satisfied he was with his present position and lived the same type of life till he retired, working the beans every day.

These were my dad operating at his normal level.  - He did all his life what everyone else did and had the intention to do it too.

4. Massive Action Level

This is the level where things happen.  If you are not at this level then you are not running on the root of success. Here we do not do what everyone else does but they do what makes us score our goals.  Let's take the first exam.  You have to become the best student of mathematics.

So you will have to sit for solutions of math.  Now even if you encounter a difficult question, you will not believe it without solving it.  This is why I failed when I had a desire to become the best student in my class in high school.

Now let's take another exam. Once upon a time, there was a lady who would always read and eat at snack time. 

She was always with books in the library even in her free time. Now I did not understand this!  I can't do that at all!  Just reading all day!

I wanted to hang out with friends, play soccer with them, try gossip and still be the best student. But I could not become the best because I did not do what I wanted for it.  And in the meantime, she kept doing her work.

Then our result came, everything became clear.  She was the best in class and always remained, but I could not become the best even if I wanted to, the best was not far around.

Nothing is going to happen unless you take a lively action.  If you want to be the best, then do as much action as possible.  

This will mean that you are doing more than others. 10 times more than others!  No one can even imagine. It is such that if one reads a book in one month, then you will read 10 books in one month.

Massive action demands that you try 10 times more.  I can assure you that you will come to a step and close to achieve your goal.

I know at this time you must be thinking about how it is possible to do 10 times more than others, is thinking this right?  But yes it is possible.  You are capable of doing more than you think.

Here we are not talking about concepts like luck or opportunity, but instead are emphasizing to achieve success with mass action.

How To Get Exceptional Results

Many times we often run after quick results and in this round neither make a plan nor think about how we will find our goal or objective.  

It is important to understand well the things that you should do or have to do to get the result.

Before writing this book, I was a person who just focused on what to do at the present moment while I should have been planning for the long run.  It never helped me, but I always remained average.

Ask yourself what you need to do to get 10X results?  You should be clear about what is the demand for the exceptional result.  

Commitment and discipline are two crucial values ​​that need a lot of learning and you have to be fully committed to your plan and work through the entire discipline while working on the plan.

Remember that success is not such a difficult thing that you do not touch your hands, rather you can get unlimited success.  But your Aim should be perfect.  

While walking this path, you have to take every step with the approach of the 10X rule.  Just think that your life is dependent on it.

Take each of your steps as an important step.  If you keep all these points in mind, then your result will also be acceptable.

Coping With Fear (Dealing With Fear) Have you ever had a fearful feeling while doing some difficult work?  I remember whenever my exams took place during college time, my condition used to get worse due to fear.  It was not that I was not pre-paid for the exam, but I think that every person who wants success is a little afraid.

Meaning that it is a normal thing if you also feel fearful while walking on the path of success, but you have to learn how to deal with this fear, otherwise, you will not be able to move ahead of the normal.

According to Grant, the fundamental reason for fear is time.  The time it takes to achieve any goal can be very difficult for you.  

Now, as if you are going to have a competition in a week, you start to fear thinking that there is less time left, I do not know whether I will be able to do it, I do not know whether I am prepaid or not ”?

Such questions start wandering in your mind.  Have you ever felt so much pressure before using the toilet that before reaching home, you feel that before you enter the bathroom, do you pooh at that place?  That's exactly what happens when you try to achieve a goal.

But carefully!  Somewhere this fear may not go up to your head.  Don't let it dominate you.  Do not stop even for a moment.  

The moment you will stop because of your fear, no matter how hard you try, it will not go through your mind.  You will get a thousand excuses for not moving forward.

Because without action there are only excuses!  So, the best way is to avoid XQs and take lively action!  Do not give such a statement that "First rest and I will do it again" do not have to do any rest till you achieve the goal because it is the only way to do better than others.

Dominate Your Market

Are you in a field where competition is high?  Because of this, you do not see yourself at this level to be the best, because you feel that more genius people are already in the market than you?  

The truth is that there is nothing like this, just your fear is dominating you.  You have to end this thinking.

Yes, remove the fear of competition from your mind.  This is all in your mind, not in reality.  You change your mentality and see, this thing will disappear from the mind itself.  All you have to do is to become the best in your field by giving more effort

You have to do 10 times more than what your competitors are doing.  Most companies do not do anything special that can make them the most successful.  All of these operate only up to the level of society.  But you have to be the best, so you kept following the 10X rule.

Persistence, Consciousness, and courage are the weapons that will help you to become the best. So do you have all this?

You have to do what others are left to do.  Grasped and easy methods to score goals do not work because resting has never been an invention.

If you want to do the out-of-the-box stuff, then use your creativity to the fullest.  Leave the horses of your mind open.  Only then will something happen.

Do You Remember the Hare and Tortoise Story?  How did Tortoise win the race despite running so slow and steady?  Of course, we have learned from this story that Slow and Steady is the best way, but in reality, you also have to be smart.

The rabbit was fast but not smart so the Tortoise won the race.  Normally he should not have won it because he had not done anything special.  

But you have to be smart if you want to win your race.  So go ahead and do what is important!  Whatever you do, do it smartly!  Do what you can for it!

Getting in the middle of competition (getting noticed in the middle of competition)

If you want to become the hero of your field, then you will have to come into the eyes of people.  If you do not come in the eyes of people, then what you do will not matter to anyone.

You have to come out of the darkness and come into the light and your visibility should be 10 times more.  Only you will be covered everywhere, for this some preparation will have to be done.  Show your superiority wherever you go.  Apart from being fast, he was persistent.

There are many cases where people have set the goal of achieving extraordinary achievement except regular cheese and have also achieved it. 

Even though he had to face many challenges.  You have to move beyond this spirit with full force. Only then will people notice you.

How Successful People Are (What Successful People Look Like)

  • Successful people live with the mentality that nothing is impossible.
  • They focus on available opportunities.
  •  Successful people live on unbelievable
  • They want the development of others along with them
  • Successful people take live-action to achieve their goals.
  • They never leave the beach
  • Those people who courageously go
  • ahead and change, are called successful.
  • He remains highly motivated and keeps a close eye on his goal
  • They never like the comfort zone.
  • They are team players.


There is no doubt that now you must have understood that to become the best in any field, you have to try 10 times more.  

According to Grant, Massive success is not an easy thing to achieve. 

If the success is water then forget the rules of the society. You have to rise above mediocrity and average. And also have to leave our comfort zone.

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