How To Hope and Help for Your Nerves System


Do you take care of your mental health among other things?  Do you feel that you need some help in this area or do you also feel embarrassed to talk about it? 

How To Hope and Help for Your Nerves System

Although compared to earlier, there has been an open discussion about mental health, yet some people hesitate to seek help.

This book will inspire you to think openly about your mental health.  If you feel that your mental health is not good, do not feel embarrassed because the sooner you get help, the sooner you will get better.

In this book, you will learn about diseases associated with the nervous system.  These diseases associated with Nerves are called Nervous Illnesses.  You will know how it is a symptom and how it can emerge.

Even if you do not have any disease related to nervousness, then the tips mentioned in it will help improve your mood. So let's start the journey to better ourselves.

 The Power Within You

 Thousands of thoughts keep coming to our minds constantly, but sometimes these thoughts are so terrible and bad that they even stand up to our hair.  

Maybe after doing this experience, you may feel that you are different from others.  Maybe after doing this experience, you may have considered yourself mentally ill as well.

But the author of this book, Dr. Claire, believes that anyone can be cured of this condition.  If you want to be the way you were before then this is possible.

Dr. Claire made up her mind to write this book when she saw how frustrated and frustrated people feel with the nervous disease.  

Such people feel that they will never be able to recover and their lives will end in despair and darkness.

But Dr. Claire decides to help him.  She wanted to tell them that the solution lies within them.  Those people just need someone's guidance and nothing else.

You will be stunned by knowing how much power is inside you.  You can use this power to change your life completely.  

Now you will say this is impossible, but no, it is possible.  You cannot change your life until you are confident in yourself.

Dr. Claire has not dedicated this book to those who are confident about themselves, but they have made this special for those who do not consider themselves worthy.

It is designed for those who lack self-confidence. There is a lot of power inside you, you just need a person who can help you see it.

How Our Nervous System Works

To understand why some people are different from others, let us first understand the human nervous system.  

The nervous system has two main parts: first, voluntary nerves and second involuntary nerves.

Just like its name, voluntary nerves are movements that you can control such as moving different parts of your body like moving your toes or scratching your head. 

The veins of these parts of the body are attached to your spinal cord ie the spinal cord and brain.

Involuntary nerves are movements that happen on their own as if you are going somewhere and on the way, suddenly a dog comes in front of you which is very angry.

On seeing that, your heartbeat becomes faster, your palms start sweating.  Many times this fear is so much that you feel that you will vomit.

The biggest difference between these two nerves is that involuntary nerves respond according to our mood.  

You keep thinking that your heartbeat gets back to normal but it does not happen.  If you are nervous or nervous then you will not be able to order to prevent your body from becoming nervous.

Involuntary nerves are also of two types: sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves.  In whatever mood you are in, sympathetic nerves express "sympathy" with her.

If you feel some kind of stress, then it will prepare your body to protect itself like whenever you are in such a situation when you feel that something is wrong then your body gets alerted.

On the other hand, parasympathetic nerves listen to the endocrine glands in our body.  Endocrine glands take care that our body reacts according to the situation.

For example, when a dreaded animal comes in front of a small animal, it becomes stunned due to fear, at that time sympathetic nerves become active.

The effigies of the eyes of that animal begin to get bigger and the heartbeat becomes faster.

Endocrine glands cause the parasympathetic nerves to prepare the animal either to fight the dreaded animal or to flee.

Now let us understand how these two nerves work in the human body. Imagine that you are going through a deserted dark street. When you suddenly see a man coming towards you, fear takes you to your arrest.

Your brain gets a signal that you are scared.  Sympathetic nerves use adrenaline to alert different organs of the body.

Adrenaline is the chemical or hormone that causes you to sweat. Because of this, your heart starts beating loudly.  

Because of the stress you are feeling, adrenaline makes your organs super active.

Parasympathetic nerves prevent our sympathetic nerves from continuously releasing adrenaline. 

When we are in a stressful situation, only the parasympathetic nerves allow our sympathetic nerves to control the situation.

Stress can mean anything here like getting angry, feeling very happy, excited, or feeling embarrassed.  

So now you must have understood what sympathetic nerves do, it would be wrong to name them empathically.

To overcome this confusion, Dr. Claire calls sympathetic nerves releasing adrenaline.

What Is A Nervous Breakdown?

The disease associated with nervous illness is different for every human being.  Yes, its symptom may be the same but how deep its effect varies for everyone.

In many people, it comes to a level and stops, many people have experienced a nervous breakdown.

But what exactly does a nervous breakdown do? As we understood earlier that when we are under stress or scared our body reacts.

Sympathetic nerves provoke or activate our sense organs and other organs so that they remain on high alert.

But when that danger or fear is averted, then parasympathetic nerves take control.  After that, we feel calm.

When a person constantly feels fear, a pattern of restless sensation or feeling starts to form which is called a nervous breakdown.

In simple words, a person is always very scared, upset, and tense and after this, a high level of adrenaline is released.  In this, instead of the body being normal, the human being gets scared again and again.

This is a cycle that never ends and in the end, there is a nervous breakdown of the human being.

Dr. Claire divides the nervous breakdown into different categories based on the human experience.  Physical symptoms and sensations have been described in the first category.

The nervousness or nervousness that a person feels in it does not dominate them much, they just feel a bit of discomfort and discomfort.  This type of nervous disease is called an anxiety state.

The second category is more dangerous.  In this, the person feels the symptom and sensation of an anxiety state, but along with it, many more restless factors are added. Often, a person loses his confidence and stays depressed.

According to Dr. Claire, anxiety and depression are the most common types of nervous breakdown.

The Commonest, Simplest Form of Nervous Illness

People who have nervousness or anxiety disorder may have some such symptoms - vomiting, difficulty in breathing, diarrhea, constipation, or rapid heartbeat.

Now people who are experiencing these symptoms will start thinking that something is wrong with them.  

They will get upset, will get stressed, especially when these people do not know what is the real cause of these symptoms.

There are three possible reasons why a person has this disease of nervousness: sensitization means being sensitive or alert towards a situation, surprise, and fear.

Sensitization means when your body reacts very quickly to stress. It is not right to happen because even the smallest stressful thing in this kind of mental state will trigger sympathetic nerves. An example of this is when you have a very bad day at the office.

Usually, if you had to rain while returning home, you would not feel irritated, but because your day was bad, the rain also bothers you.  

You start taking him personally as if everything bad happens to you or the whole world is against you.

Nervous illness is hypersensitivity, which is due to too much surprise or fear.  

Common feelings like tension and stress also become many times larger due to sensitization. When a person becomes so hypersensitive, any event can make him restless.

Nervous illness can be caused by prolonged stress, fear of almost everything, or an anxious mind.  People feel these symptoms because their sympathetic nerves become active.

Usually, the first symptom experienced by many people is a rapid heartbeat.  Along with the rapid heartbeat, many more symptom also begins to emerge.  

Some people may also feel that they are dying because of their heartbeats so fast.

This attack subsides in the end and it may not come back for a long time, but humans start to fear it.

Now he always stays in tension and tension because he does not want to feel that feeling or sensation again.  

He is so tense about this thing that adrenaline is released all the time in his body.

This fear takes the form of a fad because such a person keeps checking his pulse, again and again, to see if he is running normally.  He is now badly trapped in the cycle of fear-adrenaline-fear.

This fear makes a person very weak.  Now the man goes to the doctor to get rid of this nervousness and stress.  

But it has been seen that most people who are struggling with this disease are not satisfied with meeting a doctor.  They go to many doctors for advice.

The question may come to your mind that why don't they try to come out of it themselves?  But such patients are doing the same thing.  

The feeling of fear and tension is very strong and terrible.  Just think how can we prepare ourselves to face an attack that cannot be predicted?

A nervous breakdown can trigger anything like a personal problem, any grief, or feeling of guilt.  

The pain you feel by losing someone soon turns into a fear of how incomplete your life will be without that person.

The guilt of not making your partner happy or satisfied soon turns into a fear that they may leave you and leave. 

Fear is the most common form of nervous illness, but don't worry, fear can be treated.  Trust that you will get peace of mind very soon.

Cure of the Commonest Kind of Nervous Illness

Nervous illnesses have symptoms that occur continuously.  There is also a symptom that stops once.  For example, there is always stomach discomfort or a strong heartbeat, but it is not always the tendency of vomiting or pain in the chest area.

Some symptom always persists because fear and tension always keep it alive.  But the very rare symptoms depend on how much fear the man is feeling.

Treatment of all these symptoms is very simple.  The principle of this treatment is facing, accepting, floating, and letting time pass.  

It sounds a bit easy to hear, isn't it?  You may be thinking how easy it is, but you will be surprised to know that it is also very effective.  Let's understand it.

There is a man who is struggling with nervous illnesses.  First, when he experiences these symptoms, he may get nervous.  

Because this symptom makes the person restless, so after feeling it, the person comes under tension.

Because he does not want to feel it again, he starts ignoring these symptoms in a way, that is, he does not want to accept the fact that there is something wrong with him.

Now here comes the second principle, which is to accept. The patient does not accept that he needs help. Instead, he tries to run away from it.

Due to these symptoms, the man remains confused and starts feeling upset about it. 

Now it is natural to feel because fear is a new feeling and if there is no good feeling at all, then who would want to feel it?  But as mentioned earlier, these nervous attacks are reduced.  So give yourself some time.

They say that no time heals every wound. Remember that to overcome fear, you need to face it, accept it and give yourself some time.

 Cure Of The More Constant Symptoms

It is important to correct your mindset before understanding it. It will take just a few seconds but it will help you to process the treatment effectively.

Just try to relax in the position you are in now.  Unknowingly, you are waiting to attack the symptoms in your subconscious mind.  But Dr. Claire says that you have to reverse it completely.

They say that just relax in whatever position you are in.  If you want, you can also stretch your arms and legs. Analyze whatever sensation is bothering you instead of running away from it.

Do not be afraid to understand the details of these sensations.  For example, "My hands are so dirty because they sweat so much."

Talking about the feeling of jaggery in the stomach in panic.  You may feel like restlessness or flickering or as if a flat iron is pressing your stomach.  So do not try to run away from it.

Examine how you are feeling as much as possible.  Now ask yourself is this feeling as bad as you think?

After exercising, if there is a pain in the muscles, compare it with it.  Despite the pain, you are still ready to exercise without getting upset, right?  So why don't you take the stomach discomfort as a normal pain?

Do not see it as a monster that will swallow you up.  Remind yourself that you will have to face these symptoms for a few days before being completely cured.

But in the end, you will be all right so don't worry.

The thing to note here is that even if you stop being afraid of it, these symptoms will not stop.

Do not expect that the symptoms will disappear automatically when you accept this fear.

Do not forget that the nerves that release your adrenaline are still sensitive.  So any problem can trigger it.

So do not run away from any symptom that you have, nor try to control it because it cannot be controlled.  Just accept it for some time.

When you begin to understand it as a part of your daily routine, then you start forgetting those symptoms.  This is the way to recover.  Accept this thing that facing fear is the only way to emerge from it.

Like the stomach, trembling and sweating of the hands are due to the hypersensitivity of the nerves.  Nerves that release your adrenaline are working more than necessary due to fear and tension. It feels strange to see your hands full of sweat.

1You must also try to stop it.  But you also have to face it openly.  Deal with it that your hands are going to be like this for some time.

Tingling of hands, trembling, sweating, accept it.  This magic will not get away by itself, it will take time.  Accepting these symptoms will give you peace.

This will help you relax and then adrenaline will stop over-activating your sweat glands ie sweat glands.  As time goes by, your hands will tremble and sweat will stop.

Along with accepting, there is another factor that can help you and that is floating ie swimming. Imagine yourself floating on calm water. Relax and feel the sensation when light waves touch you.

Many people say that this technique is not so effective but Dr. Slayer has proved them wrong.  There is a lot of difference between realizing something and having to face it with nothing.

Accepting here means letting yourself feel the discomfort caused by these symptoms.  Feel these symptoms but do not panic.  Just kept trying and kept repeating again and again.

Being Yourself Again

Still, your disease is not completely eradicated. Yes, it will not be as bad as before, but it has not been cured. Many of Dr. Claire's patients wanted to try this treatment.

Although Dr. Claire warned him that it would take some time, he ignored the caution.

So he finally got frustrated and irritated because the technique of face, accept, float, and time did not show him the immediate result.

This happens because it takes some time for the body to respond to this treatment.  

So don't lose hope.  Remember that even though it may take some time, but you will be fine.  If you feel fear while recovering, don't worry, don't worry.

Your progress will not always be smooth.  This is another thing that you need to accept. There will also be some days when you will feel that you are not progressing.

Do not let such days hold you back, do not let them disappoint themselves, but keep moving forward.  Be sure that you will end your fear gradually.  Once you do this, you will feel that the tension is starting to get away from you and your mind will start to calm down.

When you have nothing to do, then your attention starts towards your symptoms, so keep yourself busy with some work.

But Dr. Claire says that this does not mean that you keep doing something continuously without stopping until you are exhausted, but she says that choose a hobby of your choice and when you are free  If it is, do it.  Remember that your symptom may come in between.

This hobby can be anything like baking, painting, or spending some time with friends.  By doing this, your attention will start to get removed from your symptom.


So you have learned about diseases related to nerves and understood how it is different for every human being.  

You understood that you should not run away from your feelings.  You have to work in an active way to improve yourself.

You have learned that the power to recover is already inside you.  You should not listen to the negative things going on in your mind.  

Only you can beat these negative thoughts going on in your mind, just you need some help.

You also know what causes these diseases.  Our nervous system is made up of two parts: voluntary and involuntary nerves.

Involuntary nerves are also of two types: sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.

When you are in stressful situations, sympathetic nerves release adrenaline.  Parasympathetic nerves help to normalize your body. 

These prevent sympathetic nerves from continuously releasing adrenaline.

You also understood about a nervous breakdown.  This happens when a person feels a pattern of restless sensation due to stress.  

Adrenaline stimulates or provokes different organisms, causing restless sensations.

The most common symptom of this disease is giddiness in the stomach, trembling hands, palm-sweating, sensation like current in the hands and feet.  Another symptom: heaviness in the chest, the tendency to vomit, or diarrhea.

You know that people struggling with this disease often try to run away from these symptoms.  To cure this, you have also known about the treatment of 4 steps which are: face, accept, float and time.

Face your fears  Accept that you have a nerve-related problem.  Relax and float and think about it

Try to keep yourself busy.  You can read books, listen to music or follow the hobby of your choice.  This will stop your mind from worrying.  Take some time to heal yourself.  Seek the help of your family and friends.

As Dr. Claire says, the power to heal itself is inside you, you just have time to take it out.

A very famous quote is that "You don't have to Struggle Alone".  Often we do not notice or take for granted those who care about us.  Those people will understand your problem.

Share your experiences with them. Do not feel ashamed if you have this symptom. 

Just keep trying and you will see that time will heal every wound.  Believe that you can beat this nervousness disease.

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